About OneSight

What is OneSight?

We're an independent nonprofit committed to eradicating the global vision care crisis in our lifetime. Since 1988, OneSight has helped over 9 million people in 46 countries.

What is the global vision care crisis?

OneSight partnered with Deloitte to conduct an extensive study to determine 1.1 billion people worldwide suffer from vision loss and lack access to vision care. For all of them, vision can be restored with a simple pair of glasses. A short video explaining the vision care crisis can be found here.

What is the OneSight solution?

We establish permanent vision centers and conduct charitable clinics around the world. Read more about our solution here.


Receiving and Donating Eyewear

What if I or someone I know needs glasses?

Onesight’s voucher program partners with local nonprofits to establish financial and physical need. The, patients receive a voucher for a free pair of glasses at participating Luxottica Retail locations (OPSM and Laubman and Pank) or select independent optometrists. Learn more.

Can I donate my used eyewear?

Today OneSight dispenses 100% eyewear to patients, ensuring that the correct prescription is provided, in eye wear that the patient is able to choose for themselves.


Program Details

Can I volunteer for a OneSight clinic?

Thank you for your interest. Luxottica employees can email OneSightinfo@onesight.org.au for more information on how to apply for a clinic trip.

Why don’t you distribute used eyewear?

OneSight believes in giving its very best to those that need it most. This belief led us to evaluate the use of recycled eyewear on Vision Clinics and we discovered:

  • Less than 10% of collected eyewear met our strict quality standards
  • Only 2 countries on OneSight’s 2013 Clinic schedule allowed the use of refurbished glasses.

Donating to OneSight

My organization raised money for OneSight. Where should I send the cheques?

Thank you for joining the cause! Please send cheques (no cash please) to:
Level 5, 75 Talavera Rd
Macquarie Park NSW 2113

I’d like to raise money for OneSight. Can you help with my event or campaign?

Individuals can set up fundraising campaigns here. For events, we are happy to provide the OneSight logo for your use. Printing costs for T-shirts and signage are the responsibility of the event organizer. For more information please contact at OneSightinfo@onesight.org.au.

How can I change my recurring donation?

Click here to modify the amount of your monthly donation or to cancel your recurring payment.


Providing Access to Care

I’m a social service professional who would like to help those I serve receive access to eyewear. Can OneSight help?

The OneSight voucher program helps meet immediate needs. OneSight’s voucher program partners with local nonprofits like Lion’s Club and Prevent Blindness to establish financial and physical need. Then patients in need are referred to OneSight’s network of participating eye care professionals who provide free eye exams and glasses.

I’m a school nurse. Can OneSight help the kids at my school?

To learn about options for helping your students get access to vision care, please contact at OneSightinfo@onesight.org.au.

I’d like to host a OneSight clinic in my country.

Our charitable Vision Clinic schedule is set 1-2 years out and at this time we are not adding locations. OneSight looks at several factors in bringing care to specific regions including visual and financial need, access to vision care, strong in-country partners and the potential to build long-term sustainable projects. We will continue to evaluate and assess other areas to expand OneSight programming.


For Luxottica Employees

Luxottica Employees with further questions can access the Luxottica Employee FAQs through MyOneSight.org. How do I create a MyOneSight Account?

  1. Go to my.onesight.org
  2. Click on “Join My OneSight”
  3. Fill out information to create account

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